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Presented to you the beautiful, beautiful artworks that’s going to make you want to reread the chapters.

I will translate the lines wrapping around the insert picture differently from kudarajin, the previous translator. It can be due to different phrasings or additional lines in the LN version. Enjoy!



It was a foolish dream — memories of the “sins” of the past life.



(left to right)
15 years ago – Heltpast life – “Lady” | Shirley HinceKaid Falua
Isidore GimiiJasmineSamuaTim 



“Farewell, Helt.” 
“Farewell, milady.”

~ Originally chapter 11




I can no longer hear anything but that word. Smothering charges of sins are  overflowing from the mouths of those townsmen, even so far as crying heretics upon me.

~ Prologue (originally Chapter 1)



I felt the thud against my back, preventing me from stepping further back. It caught me by surprise, so I turned around to take a look and saw an unusual tree. A tree this tall must be older than I am.
Objects from my memories are disappearing, but these things that I don’t remember does remain instead. It was so terribly absurd that I forget my current circumstance and burst into laughter.

“Shirley Hince, from now on, you are not a maid of the mansion, but my personal maid.”

Failing to make sense of his words, I dumbly ask him back.
While grabbing me who was in that state by my arm, Kaid started walking. I noticed where we were going, but even if I tried to resist, he would still be able to drag me on.

~ Somehow, we begin, you and me (originally Chapter 3)



Isidore, the young man before me, is one of a few people known to me of that time. Even so, the person in my memory was a figure of an adorable child who looked like a doll. And even then, I could count the times when we met on one hand.
The large candy-like purple eyes which had turned into bewitchingly sweet jewels follow the row of servants one after another. For his gaze to stop exactly at me couldn’t have been due to me being at the end of the row, could it?

Those eyes, those large eyes that used to gaze upon the world without any pretense, has become smaller and downturned on the outer edges, creating mellowed smiling look.

“I spot an unknown girl right here. Hey there, cute young lady. You weren’t here when I visited two months ago.”
“Don’t make a pass on our maid.”

Isidore looked at me over his shoulder and was just about to come over when Kaid grabbed his arm. It didn’t seem like he used the strength that would form any small crease on Isidore’s thick coat, but he still made many large creases there.
Without seeming to care that an expensive looking coat would get wrinkled, Isidore leans his chin on Kaid’s shoulder.

“Then won’t you introduce this new young lady to me, Lord of Laius, Kaid Fahlua?”
If you wanted me give introductions as a lord, you should have come through an official meeting.”
“That’s true.”

The young man, as his thin cape fluttered, laid a hand on his chest and bowed gently.

“Heir-apparent of the House of Gimii, Isidore Gimii. Pleased to make your acquaintance, young lady.”
“Master’s personal maid, Shirley Hince, at your service, sir.”

I neatly gathered my hands and bowed deeply without bending my back.

“……Nice, her posture’s fine and there’s nothing unnatural to her tone either. Has it really been just a month since you hired her?”

“I don’t really care about your conquests, but you can’t lay your hand on our maid.”

“I’m not stupid enough to fool around with women in Laius where the scary wolf lord resides. Just what did you do when the guest from the fiefdom of Wyfar tried to hit a maid at the mansion? The lord of Wyfar still hasn’t come to Laius. According to rumours, he faints from just the mention of the name of Laius.”

“It’s just because he tried to fool around in my mansion. I just made doubly sure so that there won’t be a second time for lords. Shirley, you can raise your head. Rather, the heir-apparent of Gimii is not in Laius yet, so this person is just a suspicious person.”

“Not someone suspicious. You could at least have said that I am your bosom-friend.”

“Shirley, we’ll have dinner in the mansion, so I’ll have to trouble you with it.” 

Disregarding a second of my lowered head, Isidore lightly puffs one of his cheeks. However, he lets out a sweet laugh a moment later; he went in tow with Kaid to return to the office room, but not before turning around to look at me behind them and winking.

~ A Guest of Yours and Mine (details revised from the original Chapter 7)



“……The truth is, I thought that the color was the same as Shirley’s eyes, so I accidentally bought it. I’m sorry, I really didn’t know Shirley’s favorite color so I decided on my own. That’s why, I wish that you will go with me to the town. And at that time, please tell me your favorite color…… no, your favorite stuffs, too!”


“I told you to just call me Jasmine. …..Shirley, your skin is prettier now. Eh? Is it because of Master’s sweets? It must be the sweets, isn’t it!? Can you help me ask him what’s inside them!?”

~ A Guest of Yours and Mine (originally happened before the previous picture in chapter 7)



“Could you please wait a little longer? ……I’m sure that Kaid already knew. He knew, and….. he’s searching, like I am. For the words…… and the way to end this for the second time.”

A long time ago, there was one time where I held his hand like this. He looked at me in the eyes, back then, with his sparkling, shining eyes that despised commoners and dreamed to become a great lord like his father.

I wonder when that changed. Fifteen years is a long time, a very long time, for anyone. Even so, the past cannot be changed. No matter how we changed, no matter what we lost.

And in that unchanged past, there was another person as well.

“……What on earth are Kaid and you doing?”

Yes, you were there.

~ A Guest of Yours and Mine (originally Chapter 9)



Aware of the weak push against his chest, he gently pulled me closer, bringing his knees down to the ground while hanging his head low. I knelt in front of him too.

Sobbing to my nose, I wiped the corner of my eyes before I could be more coherent.

“Helt, you did the right thing. As the next lord, there was nothing that you did wrong. Even when you were faking everything and exterminating everyone for the sake of thoroughly killing the roots.”
“But you made one mistake.”

As if being twanged, his head hung lower.

“You made only a single mistake…… It was that you didn’t trust me.”

Your mistake was to kill me off. And that mistake of yours had saved Laius.
That’s why it must have been the right thing as well.

~ The Farewell of Yours and Mine (originally Chapter 11)



I heard an awfully dull and sticky sound.

A red drop that burst forth from Kaid landed on my cheek. He quickly covered his mouth with one hand and turned his face away, but he kept coughing out great amounts of blood from his mouth. 

“Ka, Kai, d.”

I couldn’t move my limbs. I forced my flopped body to crawl closer to Kaid, but he did the same to get away from me at the same time. 

“Don’t, come……!”

But then, Kaid who desperately kept distancing himself from my chase halted for a moment. He reached out his clean hand then, stretched his shirt’s cuff, and diligently wiped away the drop of blood on my cheek.
He smiled faintly as if in relief, but only to have another red color burst out of him, and this time, it started to twang out of him in violent coughs. 

~ The Farewell of Yours and Mine (originally chapter 12)



“Don’t wanna. ……I’m lonely. I’m lonely on my own. There’s no one who doesn’t know Wilfred, the devil of Laius. However, the only person who knows that I am Wil, Wilfred, is only you now. And only I know you. I’m the only one in the world, who knows the same things that you do. You’re the only person living the same hell as I am.”

All of a sudden, he seized my elbow while hanging his head down. He hugged it tight and clung to it before long. I was flustered and attempted to pry him off, but my hand stopped when I tried to push his shoulder away.
He was trembling. His arms around my waist, his forehead against my bosom, they were trembling as if he was freezing.

“……It’s cold. It’s always so cold, so, so cold that I can’t stand it anymore.”

The temperature of his trembling body is gradually transferred to me.

“As a human, am I that lacking? Is being fixated on the memories of my past life only twisted me? It’s okay, it’s okay for me, so, please…… Stay with me. I beg you, don’t, don’t leave me alone.”

“……Wil, please, let me go.”

“I won’t tell you to give me your heart. But, please, at least, if you won’t become mine, don’t become anyone else’s either.”

“I can’t, ngh, I can’t go with you.”

“As if I’ll let you get away from me! At the very least, I’ll never allow you to be with him! Whatever happens, wherever you escape to, even if we both die, I will find you!”


We’re both crying. I’m bawling while pushing him away, he’s shrieking while frantically trapping me in; the rioting coach is violently shaking.

~ The Farewell of Yours and Mine (additional details from the original chapter 14)

…and that’s it.

Yup, that’s all. The first volume dramatically ended with the announcement that Kaid Fahlua had passed away by the end of the original chapter 14.

But aren’t those beautiful? I’m positively bawling. Q_Q I hope to see more pretty pictures in the second volume!

About the switched scene between Isidore’s intro and Jasmine’s necklace. From what I could tell on a glance, it was Isidore’s arrival that was put earlier on the timeline compared to the original scenes. I ended up translating the whole page where it’s different from the scene in chapter 7, but the scene really did appear abruptly, and then switched to Jasmine’s scene right away.

So yeah, can’t wait to bring you guys the second volume soon, as well as start translating the after-climax sections of the story. (12 chapters now. Wow.)

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