Beyond Tomorrow

Hi, guys. This is just isecai, talking a bit about things to bring out in this website for the future. This is quite a long blog post, so read at your own discretion. I’m going to talk about Patreon, Ko-fi, my bottomline, project types, and something else that might come to my mind. ^,^

First of all, thank you so, so much for you who have been following me so far, even migrating to this new site with me. For you to still populate the comments section, it really makes me happy. Every single one of the comments that I got is very, very precious to me. It cheers me up so much! So if you want to support me, please keep those comments coming~

Anyway, I have gone through quite a long hiatus before. I stopped translating for almost a year before continuing Upstart Pastry Chef, let alone the other titles. The reason is simple: money issues. I needed to work and helped out the financial issues in the house, and I still do. I’ve been working as freelancer illustrator, which was enough to fund my own life, but not enough to help clearing out my parents’ debts due to a collapsed business.

But I really want to keep translating. I love reading, I love writing, I love conveying the stories to others and enjoy your reactions. However, it’s not possible to do so without considerable amount of return. My parents aren’t getting younger either, so it’s really important for me to turn this into a sustainable activity. Yes, this means I’m going to translate full-time as an amateur translator.

Project Types

So, I’m going to split my project types into three plus one:

  1. Main Projects: Those I’m going to translate regularly, several chapters per week and keep being free for you to read. Patreon projects will also be included here, but more to it later.
  2. Side Projects: Those I’m going to translate irregularly, because I love them but I have no time to focus on them. It can be a chapter per week, month, or even longer, but I will open a Ko-fi page for them so that you can help crowdfunding the translation and I will treat them as my Priority Commission.
  3. Commissioned: Those I’m hosting while being fully funded by someone else because they’re not originally within my scope of interest. I guarantee WN commissions a chapter per week at least (while LNs being longer).
  4. (Extra) Temporary: Those I’ve translated and being continued by someone else.

The difference between the main and side projects, mainly, is my conscience to put the chapters behind the paywall. After Pastry Chef, I’m going to monetize my main projects through Patreon-based advanced chapters. For that, I’m going to choose unpublished titles (in Japan), whereas published titles will be put aside as my Side Project.

Side Projects and Ko-fi

I don’t count Ko-fi crowdfunding as paywall, because I will consider it as the way for all of you to commission my translation service. That way, I can keep translating titles which have been officially published in Japan.

When the translation fund for a new chapter is crowdfunded—you might be more familiar if I call it Sponsored Chapter—I will consider it as a Priority Commission.

Of course, even without the funding, I will keep translating them, but I will forever prioritize my commissions and main projects.

I might take a few titles for my side projects concurrently. Right now, I already have a few in mind, including but not limited to Bakarina and The Wolf Lord’s Lady. The other title in my list, Starship Officer Becomes Adventurer, is actually not published yet, but I can’t figure out how popular it’s going to be, so I’ll keep it a side project for now.

If you’re a translator and wants to translate one of my side projects regularly—and I haven’t updated in a month—feel free to take over!

If that happens, and there’s still funds that haven’t been converted into chapters yet, I will offer to refund the “commissions” back to the senders.

Patreon and Syosetu

So there’s a reason why I only wish to put unpublished titles from syosetu behind my Patreon paywall. I will keep churning out constant, weekly chapters until either one of these three happens:

  1. The title is officially published,
  2. I’ve translated it all to the end, or
  3. I’ve caught up with the most recent chapter.

If case number 1 happens, I’m going to stop the Patreon for that title immediately and move the main project into side project. Then I’ll either refund you for the newest month’s tier, or turn them into Ko-fi funds, as agreed between us.

If case number 2 and 3 happens, I’m going to reach out to the author and be transparent with them about the Patreon earnings, and offer to split the earnings 50-50, no matter how small (or big, amen to that) the earning might be as content creators. That’s why the Patreon will be slightly crowded with tiers, which will based on my main projects, so that I can have clear data to be transparent with them.

If this kind of partnership succeeds (even if it’s after the deed), maybe it will become a future of direct peer-to-peer partnership with Japanese authors. Haha! A girl can dream. ^,^

This is enabled by the fact that syosetu, as the most popular platform for JP WNs, actually doesn’t take over the publishing rights for the stories, unlike CN and KR (most?) web novel scene. Syosetu has a PM feature, but I don’t think many authors see it, and once the message is going to involve money, the suitor will need to contact syosetu first so that they can contact the authors through other channels.

That’s what I’m going to do once one of those three ever happens!

As a bit of an extra, I will also publish R18 translated chapters in Patreon only, because this website should be kept PG! So if I ever take R18 projects, the one hosted in this site will either be censored or teasers, and I’ll link you to my Patreon instead. (This is because Google Adsense can’t allow mature content in the website…)

Do it with me?

If you think this kind of policy is good and you want to adopt this kind of practice for your own translation group, feel free to do so. Let’s keep in touch so we can advice each other, because this is a scary zone that I haven’t seen explored before. I have seen people asking for permissions from authors, and more groups holding licensing rights with the publishers, but I believe in the power of internet and more individualized approach for the content creators to share their contents directly to the fans. Worldwide or otherwise.

I do wish that you won’t report me to authorized parties out of spite, though. If you have problems with me, please say it directly and maybe we can solve it together.

Please note that no matter if there’s both WN and LN versions, once it’s licensed in English, I will immediately drop it all at once.


Thank you!

You’ve been reading this wall of text so far. If you have any ideas, suggestion, or anything else, please comment or e-mail me through my Contact page.









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    • Thank you! And really sorry for the blunder. //cries in the corner

      If you have an unpublished series in mind, please let me know. ; n ; The next one in my list is an R18 Nocture novel, but I want to have a pure one as well hahaha.

  1. Hello ….. unfortunately, I dont have enough money to sponsor you or anything like that, so, I wish you much success with this, I will support you from the shadows ……: ‘v

    • I’m flattered that you even read my blog that doesn’t include any translations in it ><;; )/ Thank you very much for letting me know your thoughts, and don't worry about that! Please keep reading and enjoying the actual works that I posted in this website haha xD

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