Black Tea Specialist, Prologue (Teaser)

Black Tea Specialist, Prologue (Teaser)

No, this isn’t my Main or Side Project! This is just a teaser, a translation of the prologue, as promised to Claire Lilly @NU Forum. Please pick this series up, I always love special crafts in the isekai~

I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!


Author: Kanata | 奏多

Artist: 由貴 海里

Prologue: I’m the person in charge for tea in the order of knights.


“Yuu-chan, I need two portions like usual, please.”

“All right, please wait for a moment~”


Receiving the order, I used the hot water that I had prepared in the neighboring room, then I brew tea in each cup that I had lined up on the tray. It turned out the beautiful reddish color. A faint, sweet scent of flowers mingled with the soft fragrance of tea leaves as they wafted in the air. The smell of black tea. Once brewed, I quickly carried the tray to the guests awaiting for them.

“Thank you for waiting–”

I approached the long wooden table where the guests were sitting on. The guests were two men who seemed to come here right after their training was over, because they were still inside the navy blue armors with dirt staining their cheeks.

This place was the domain castle of the order of chivalry to begin with. And this room used to be a common room, but we remodeled it into [cafe]. The walls and floor were all made from ashen gray stones thanks to that. Even though they were clean and level, the room still looked insipid.

Why would this place become a [cafe] make believe? That was in order for me to make small change of money by making this place available for them to reach in haste even without changing their clothes first.

“Oh, here she comes.”

The elderly knight held a tea cup with great mood. A young man who looked like a squire sniffed the fragrance of the tea while looking bewildered.

“It’s such a sweet scent. The red color of the tea is also pretty, but….”

He gingerly put the cup against his lips. From the first sip, he already exclaimed, “Ah, it’s delicious!”

I felt happy receiving that praise. Somehow, there was no black tea in [this world], so I could only serve them that tea after much trial and error.

While on the verge of grinning, I drew closer towards the kitchen, but I could still hear the tonal change from the youth.

“What is it, so smooth…… Eh? I was exhausted just now, but……”

“Have you understood now? The reason why there’s a cafe like this in our chivalric order. This drink called black tea is medicine.”

“Eh!?” the youth yelped, “There are magic spells that can heal injuries, but there’s no magic nor medicine that could restore energy before, right?”

“That kind of effect can only be produced from the hand of the black tea specialist.”

“And what exactly is a black tea specialist?”

“It’s the official title of this store’s owner, the one who made this tea.”

I still felt embarrassed from being called a black tea specialist. I wasn’t the one who asked to wear that kind of title, really…… For some reason, when I had gone to register my job, it didn’t fit any kinds of categories, so I just made it up on the spot.

“With that kind of rare talent, she became an employee of this chivalric order.”

I had escaped to the kitchen, but the voices of those two could still be heard from here. Uu, why did all people with knight title have such a loud voice……? It was the fault of having this kind of strange talent that I had to go into the chivalric order’s custody, and now became the person in charge for tea exclusively for the knights.

I could hear another squire’s voice over there.

“Send one to the office, just like usual.”


I braced myself. This irregular cafe was important, of course, but the core operation was also important. I spoke out to that person before.

I poured a new tea using the hot water that I had boiled before, and I put the cups on the tray that I originally devised so that the cups wouldn’t slide. Then I headed over to a room one floor above. After I knocked on the door, a blond youth opened it for me.

“Thank you for today as well, Yura-san. Please, come in.”

“Excuse me.”

After I entered as prompted, I walked towards the sofa seating. There were two youths sitting there already.

They were knights, but they didn’t don the armors. They should be here for clerk duties. Their uniforms’ color were closer to indigo. That color with a strong purplish hue could only be suitable for selected blessed people, but either one of them were people with great features that didn’t get drown out by the color.

One of the knights with black hair that tied until the nape of his neck made a small nod towards me. The blond knight also took a seat, but I was only there to serve the tea to the three of them.

I went straight to place the tea cups for the person who wore light blue sash with golden epaulette dangling from the right shoulder across his body. With all those attributes, he looked like someone important, on a glance.

Silver hair and purple eyes; when someone saw those features, they would immediately recognize him as the Commander of the Order of Shigel (シグル) Knights, Lucien(リュシアン)-sama.

Without saying anything, the three of them took their teacups and sipped it. I felt a little nervous. At last, the commander spoke a sentence.

“……It tastes as good as usual.”

I sighed in relief from that evaluation. As I thought, it was important to gain favor from the commander of the order. I just breathed out when the black-haired knight, Ivar-san, cut me off.

“We summoned you to dispatch you on a request, as always.”

Those words strained my formerly relaxed mind. While being the chivalric order’s cafe owner, I also got dispatched with the knights. Like that, I discreetly avoided the future where the majority of this game-like world became a wasteland. ……Not through fighting though, but by doing my best of achieving something that only I could do.

That’s right, this was another world that strikingly resembled a game world. So it had become something that only I, from my previous world, could do. It had been months now, since I obtained those memories.

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