Hey, this is Isecai, the translator who brings you Upstart Pastry Chef (among others).

My translating style? Well, it doesn’t always faithfully follow its Japanese counterpart. They are often spliced, sometimes merged, or sometimes even go on an extreme change that other translator might not agree with me. I still strive for cohesiveness in English and getting the whole meaning across. Sometimes, I even add things which are only implied in the Japanese passage. I always try to improve my translations. ^,^

Anyway, I hate Translator’s Notes in the middle of passage too, since it’s just rude and makes reading experience less immersive in my opinion. So I avoid them like a plague, but I tend to ramble a lot in the footnote section LMFAO. Do bear with me.

The more I translate, the more I find a more suitable term, or catching up on the meaning, or deciding to make some changes uniform. Therefore, the whole translation is often edited and re-edited and so on. Please refrain from reading my translations elsewhere, thank you! It pains my heart to see the mistakes of my past self.

I love to talk with people and make some possible new friends too! So drop by and say hi. 🙂

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