Hi to you, lovely person! Thank you for checking this page out. Let’s see if your questions have been addressed in these questions~


~ About Commissions ~

What will you translate?

I’m translating Japanese to English web novels or light novels. If it’s too difficult, especially the light novel version, please understand that I may refuse to accept your commission.

What if I want to have R18 stories translated?

No problemo. BL/yaoi, GL/yuri, het, I can handle any fetish. :> Note that this website is free from R18 content, so either you host them yourself, or I’ll handle the posting, just linking to a platform outside this website. Most likely, Patreon (not behind the paywall, though!).

What are the other rules?

I’m glad you asked!

  • It’s for personal use only.
    • You cannot use the translation for commercial use
      • including putting it behind Patreon paywall
      • But we can make a deal if you need it. 😀
    • If it’s an English licensed series, the translation will be for your eyes only. Let’s not get into trouble!
  • I guarantee at least a chapter a week for your commissions
    • It’s for web novels
    • I cannot quote the time needed for LN chapters right now, but maybe one part per two weeks at maximum.
  • For orders more than $100 in sum, your first three chapters will go to the Priority Line.

By default:

  • You will provide the source material or show me the link,
  • You will get a link to a private translation document per chapter done,
  • I will not post the translation on my website
    • Unless I want it to (look at “Can you reduce the price?“)
  • I will not translate the author’s notes,
  • All these “defaults” may change if specified in requests.

How much do you charge for it?

See the Price in my rules.

Why the coffee cups? How do I pay?

I only receive payments through my ko-fi page. It links right to paypal, so it’ll receive any major credit/debit cards.

When do I get my commissioned translation?

At least once a week for WN chapters or one part per two weeks for LNs.

I tend to give it much faster though. It’s just to give me some breathing time so I can still update my regular series. (it’s currently Upstart Pastry Chef).

I will juggle all of my commissions. That means I will stop accepting commissions once I figure I cannot give you guaranteed chapters, because even if there are chapters in my “Waiting List“, your new commissions will be put in between the old commissions.

You can track the ongoing commission list here.

The exception for this is “Priority Commission“, as I will prioritize 3 chapters to be translated regardless if you’re old or new, as long as the sum of your commission is more than $100 and I still have buffers for my regular series.

How do I commission you?

Use my Contact form or send me an email to isekaibl@gmail.com.

Include all the necessary information, such as:

  • title
  • how many characters/chapters/pages
  • link to the source material
  • other extra requests (look at the “By defaults” section)

When do I pay?

After I reply to your e-mail with green light and coffee quotes! I won’t start before the payment is sent.

It’s too expensive, can you reduce the price?

  • You can try haggling it if it’s easy! I will compare the difficulty level to how much time I need to translate with U.S. hourly minimum wage as a reference.
  • If I really love the title and wish to upload it to my own translation blog, it’s not impossible to get 50% discount!
    • Or more.
    • Or less.
    • The discount will be depending on how much I want the title and how much I need the money at the moment.
  • You can wait for the LN price to get reduced. I haven’t figured how much it will burden me to do it, but the faster I do it the cheaper it gets.
  • You can split the commission, they don’t have to be done all at once, you know.
  • You can try to do a private crowdfunding after we agree on the amount of money we need to raise.
    • You can do it on your own, or
    • I can set up a goal in my ko-fi page that we can advertise together
    • I will start as soon as the amount is filled

How can I trust you?

Ah, the difficulties of internet. I’m sorry, I can’t put you at ease in this department. If I ever go on to a hiatus and you’ve already paid for your commission, I will offer you a full refund when I come back. Do try to refrain from putting out more money than you can afford to lose in a period of time. Safety first!

Can I ask for refund?

Sure. Excluding the money that I use for buying the source material (if any) and the payment gateway’s fee (Paypal takes quite a sum), you can ask for a refund at anytime until 24 hours after I send you the result(s).

For example, if I already sent you a quarter of the volume on the 7th of August, then I sent you another quarter on 9th, and you ask for refund on 10th, you will only be refunded for 3/4 (minus the first quarter) of the full price.

By being refunded, I won’t accept your requests anymore, sorry. You also cannot use the translation for any use, online or offline. 🙁

Can you translate [title] for free?

No, not unless it’s already in my list. You can request it through my Contact page, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll accept it. I won’t translate licensed title for my own website, period.

You can always try the Novel Updates’ Novel Pickup Request subforum as well. Good luck!

How about a sample calculation of WN translation?

Upstart Pastry Chef, Vol. 3, Chapter 1 has 2,638 characters according to wordcounter, including the chapter title. So the total of the commission price is:

2,638 * $ 0.010 = $ 26.38, rounded up to 9 cups of coffee ($27)

I did it in a little less than 4 hours, excluding editing and polishing up, so you may actually get your commissioned chapter sooner than guaranteed.

What is the “average” number of characters in LN?

I don’t know how to count the average according to standard norm, and there’s no way I’m going to manually count the characters, so here’s how it’s going to be:

# of characters in a full vertical line
times # of vertical lines in a full page
divided by 3
equals # of characters on average. 

So, for example, if Upstart Pastry Chef’s third volume has 126 pages, while a full page has 31 vertical lines, and in a full vertical lines there are 75 characters, the price for the whole book is:

126 pages * (31 lines * 75 characters / 3) * $0.03
= $ 2,929.5 (already round)
= 977 coffee cups

Of course if you have the precise number of characters, we can calculate using that number instead of the average. 🙂

Note that every page with a writing will count to the total sum of the pages, and that includes cover, illustration, and character biographies. Blank pages and illustration page without any writings will be exempted, though!

How many times can I ask for revision?

Once, and that is after the 24-hour refund limit has passed. I will voluntarily edit things that I host myself though.

I want to ask you another question.

Sure, shoot me an e-mail or use the Contact form to do that. I’ll be waiting!