These following rules are only for the Commission and not for all isecai’s projects. 

General Guidelines

  • I will translate from Japanese web novels and light novels.
  • I will translate licensed titles and send them to you in private.
  • I will translate any genre and any mature ratings.
  • Translated text is for your personal use.
  • You can’t put them behind paywall (including Patreon) unless agreed before.


  • I will never ever host licensed titles in English (the chapter will be sent to you privately).
  • You can choose to host the story on your own website or leave it to me.
  • I will not host graphically mature chapters on this website, but you’ll know where to find it.


  • You will get at least one WN chapter a week or one LN part per two weeks.
  • The time will be counted starting from the time I received the payment.
  • The Waiting List isn’t to be worried about, new commissioned chapters will be slipped in between.
  • If your total commission’s value is more than 100 USD, you’ll get 3 chapters in Priority Line.


  • You can ask for the chapter to be sent in private e-mail.
  • You can ask me to link back to you in the credit.
  • You can ask me not to credit the commission to you.


  • All prices are in coffee cups, because I receive payments through my Ko-fi page.
  • WN: $0.010 per character
  • LN: $0.030 per character on average (see FAQs)
  • Rounded up to the nearest $0.50, and then rounded to the nearest number of cups of coffee.
  • You must add the price of the book/chapter, if (a) it’s not available online and (b) you don’t own a legal copy.


  • Send me an inquiry and wait for my reply.
  • Receive my reply with confirmed details and quoted price.
  • Pay for the installment and I’ll start translating.
  • You can ask for editing after 24 hours have passed since you receive the text.


  • Payment for book/chapter I must buy will not be refunded.
  • You can ask for full refund within 24 hours since I send/host the translation.
  • You cannot ask for refund of the earlier chapters that I’ve sent/hosted beyond 24 hour-limit.
  • In case that I host a series you’re commissioning and it gets licensed in English, I will offer refund or private channel.
  • In case that I host a series you’re commissioning and the author/JP publisher sends request to take it down, I will offer refund or private channel.
  • This includes Ko-fi crowdfunding for the latest chapter, but doesn’t include Patreon pledges.


  • I only own my English translation text and none of the source materials.
  • I will abide personal requests for the series that I host.
  • I declare that I have nothing to do with the translation texts that I don’t host in “Isecai Novels” website and isecai’s Patreon, Ko-fi, e-mail, Paper Dropbox, or Google Doc.