Black Tea Specialist, Prologue (Teaser)

No, this isn’t my Main or Side Project! This is just a teaser, a translation of the prologue, as promised to Claire Lilly @NU Forum. Please pick this series up, I always love special crafts in the isekai~

I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!


Author: Kanata | 奏多

Artist: 由貴 海里

Prologue: I’m the person in charge for tea in the order of knights.


“Yuu-chan, I need two portions like usual, please.”

“All right, please wait for a moment~”


Receiving the order, I used the hot water that I had prepared in the neighboring room, then I brew tea in each cup that I had lined up on the tray. It turned out the beautiful reddish color. A faint, sweet scent of flowers mingled with the soft fragrance of tea leaves as they wafted in the air. The smell of black tea. Once brewed, I quickly carried the tray to the guests awaiting for them.

“Thank you for waiting–”

I approached the long wooden table where the guests were sitting on. The guests were two men who seemed to come here right after their training was over, because they were still inside the navy blue armors with dirt staining their cheeks.

This place was the domain castle of the order of chivalry to begin with. And this room used to be a common room, but we remodeled it into [cafe]. The walls and floor were all made from ashen gray stones thanks to that. Even though they were clean and level, the room still looked insipid.

Why would this place become a [cafe] make believe? That was in order for me to make small change of money by making this place available for them to reach in haste even without changing their clothes first.

“Oh, here she comes.”

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The Wolf Lord’s Lady 19

Same day release!

I haven’t had the time to be in the zone to translate, and maybe not even online tomorrow. There are no cliffhangers, though. So here you go, the second to last chapter.

19. The return, of you and me

Please enjoy!

The Wolf Lord’s Lady 18

I hope you’re waiting for this. xD  Another reason why I release it another day is because the chapters of TWLL is long and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Though this one is only a little bit longer than half of the other three, I found this the hardest to translate yet.

In any case…

18. You, me, and the world’s rule 


The Wolf Lord’s Lady 17

Hey, everyone! This is a title that I picked up so suddenly because the previous chapter ended in such a cliffhanger. It’s one of the highest rated title in syosetu for tragedy (cruelty-depiction) and female MC filters. Hope you enjoy it!

17. The afterlife, of you and me

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