? Sono Mono. Nochi ni…, Chapter 207

I’m in a bit of Pastry slump because the food were all served already, so have a Wazu chapter instead.

This chapter is sponsored by Tomas Lindblom.

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? The Starship Officer Becomes An Adventurer 001

Sci-fi fantasy isekai with Cooking and survival theme all at once! Yes, you heard right. Yes, I’m also curious. Yes, it has the harem tag let me ignore this part.

When it kept bugging me (ha! It’s a pun and you’ll find out why in the chapter), I just decided to go and translate and… was floored by the difficulty level. Sci fi. Army. If there’s no wiki articles of Star Trek I’d be damned.

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Phew yeah I need to get all those out of my system. In any case, I can feel that it’s going to git gud, so I hope you’ll spare some time to try reading it after all the effort that I put to this chapter.

Note that it won’t get any fixed schedule before UPC is completed. o)–(