Another Story 18: The Defensive Battle of Port City Motampe II


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A/N: I’ve written it to the end, so I’ll post it until the end in one swoop. (Isecai: The author posted the last 10 chapters on the same day.)

Defending until their last breath, Sarona, Tata, Mao, and all the rest of the manpower from the townspeople are gathering in the east gate of port town Motampe. The beast horde is cramming the place to the brim, drawing near at the full speed as if they’re using the overflowing power of their body to the last drop.
Sarona, Tata, and Mao are tensing up against that view, and, as if trying to ascertain the others’ presence, they naturally hold hands with each other.

“…I think you all know already, but none of us is allowed to die for Wazu-san’s sake… All of us definitely has to make it out alive.”
“Of course, we will… Besides, after living in this town, we absolutely cannot let any unnecessary damage happens to those who fight with us here… Let’s spare nothing in our power to do our fight here.”
“First, let’s cut down the vanguards…… It’s time to show off the power that Lord Husband has been drilling into us!! His figure will bring courage to everyone in this place, I know it will.”

And so the three of them looks at each other and nods, standing with the vanguards while wielding their own weapons that they obtained from Wazu.




The first one to move was Tata.
She cast a barrier to protect everyone in this place.
Now, this barrier magic is Tata’s greatest pride.
Having no fighting power initially, she was taught by Naminissa and got told that she had a potential in barrier magic. She thought of how it could lend itself into Wazu’s strength and grew this power.
And this prided barrier now protects the people in this place.
That’s what it means to know what one ought to do with all of their power……

Outside Tata’s erected barrier, there are two people calmly standing.
Sarona and Mao. Both of them are looking at the huge hoard of beasts before their eyes while exchanging some words.

“Perhaps, that kind of number will be finished in no time if Wazu-san is here.”
“No duh. He’s our prided husband, afterall.”
“Then we, as his wives, have to give our utmost best so that he can be proud of us too.”
“Yeah, by exterminating all those beasts in front of us.”


Salona was the protector of an elven village.
Until now, she had been slaying magical beasts for many times. Still, the beasts currently in front of her eyes were far, far more numerous than the beasts that she had slew before, so many that she had lost count.
And yet, she didn’t feel spooked or anxious. There was an extraordinary power within her that she only managed to reach because of Wazu’s training, as well as comrades who held the same conviction around her, so there’s a slightly uplifting sensation exactly because they were in this kind of circumstances.


Mao trembled in delight.
There’s a horde of beasts that must be exterminated in front of her, and there are the townspeople who must be protected behind her. It’s a battlefield that she couldn’t find in a normal life when she was staying at beastkin kingdom. She really did love to fight. She didn’t know if it was just her temper or it was in a beastkin’s blood, but for her, the matter was unrelated. She simply can use all of the power that she possessed that way.
Mao only has love and gratefulness towards the training that Wazu did for her; she was just so happy to be able to display that power at last that she didn’t feel panic or the likes for the beast horde.

“”Let’s go!!””

With that, one with a slender sword and another one a dual sword gripped in their hands, they started running towards the beast horde.




The beasts were gathering around port town Motanpe’s west gate until they were packed to the brim.
However, those beasts couldn’t take another step forward from their fixed spot.
There was only one thing, a barrier, that hindered their advancement. That giant magic barrier protected the numerous knights in the west gate, as well as the townspeople who fought on their side.

The one who erected the barrier, Naminissa, was calmly standing in the core of the barrier.
Naminissa’s barrier that Wazu trained her for was huge and solid that it wasn’t strange to have it push away that large number of beasts without allowing any single one breaking in.
However, that’s precisely why it’s not a run-of-the-mill job to preserve that strong barrier with ease. Normally, to preserve a barrier that would eat up the beasts’ offensive power, Naminissa found it too difficult to split her mind to do something else. She appears to be calm, but the sweat running from her forehead betrayed that burden.
However, no matter how much burdened she was, she had absolutely no intention to reel in.
Because she prayed that not a single person who fought alongside with her would lose their life……
Feeling nothing but love and gratefulness for the training that she personally received from Wazu that enabled her to be this powerful, Naminissa naturally smiled.

“Naminissa! Next one!!”

The voice that called for Naminissa was Narelina’s.
Surrounding her were the knights who adjusted their breaths by huge exhales, and the remaining of the beasts who already lost their lives in her hands.

Suu~…… Hahh~……. Let’s go!! Princess!!”

Calling out to Naminissa, she opened one part of the barrier and let the beasts flow like an avalanche into the barred area from that part.
And then, after she had let enough numbers of beasts in, Naminissa closed off the barrier again.

She stopped the advancement of the beasts with her barrier, opened the barrier for a short window of time, let the beasts in before closing it off, and then those beasts were assaulted by Nalerina and the knights right away.
They did that continuously.


Along with that shout, Narelina slashed at the beasts in her full armor.
The large blade in her hands was engulfed in flames, lopping off the beasts who came into the barrier like an avalanche in an instant.
The surrounding knights also joined up, many at once, to tackle each beast. Then, the exhausted knight was replaced with other knights, dealing with the crisis with flawless execution.

Inside the full body armor, Narelina laughed.
If she were to see themselves before they met Wazu, if they didn’t run away the moment they saw the beast, they would have died right then and there…… however, she understood that that kind of scenario wouldn’t happen, because for the sake of those she loved, she had resolved herself.
That’s why, with her cunningly fastest, strongest power that she gained from Wazu’s training, without overestimating herself or being self conceited, she obliterated the beasts……




Haosui, after Meru climbed on top of her head, put themselves on top of the wall encircling the town.
The beasts, who understood that they couldn’t destroy the barrier beneath her, tried to enter the town by smashing down the parts of the wall that wasn’t covered by the magic barrier.

“……Shall we go, then?”

Haosui pats Meru’s head as she spoke, and Meru replied in a cry before firmly sticking to Haosui.
When Haosui felt that sensation, she leaped down from the top of the wall and landed right in the middle of the beast horde below. In that moment, with speed so fast that it was invisible to the naked eyes, a group of beasts had lost their lives before they could figure out what was happening with their bodies.

Feeling a little happy, the corner of Haosui’s lips were lifted.
Wazu’s strength was unrivaled by anyone, so strong that no one could assist him. However, that kind of him entrusted the protection of this city to them.
That means Wazu relied on them about this.
The girls whom Wazu saved must feel happy of this opportunity to return the favor, using the raid mission to exterminate one beast after another……




In front of Kagane, horde of beasts came surging in from the vast sea.
However, it only makes Kagane breath heavily as if she was turned on as she rattled on.

Kitakitakitaaa~!! It’s here! It’s finally heeere~!! I’m seething, my blood is seething uuuup~!! Before me, there are beasts who comes to destroy the city; behind me, there are those whom I need to protect, the townspeople, and my own life too, must not fall for Oniichan’s sake….. If a girl doesn’t get fired up from this, what use is she going to be!?!!”

Shouting those words, magic power starts welling up from the tip of Kagane’s staff.
The magic power is shaping up, bringing forth an infinite number of light spheres around her. Kagane pointed the staff towards the sea.
The moment that staff faced the sea, a beam of light as thick as a man’s arm was thrust into the sea. The impact of that beam caused the sea to splash apart like a giant tidal wave.
The waves caused by that light beam hit the air, while the beasts which were still alive were caught in more and more smaller beams projected from the light spheres. They lost their lives.

“I won’t let you take even a single step closer than this!!”

In her heart, Kagane could only feel her love for her brother, Wazu.
With that as her pillar, Kagane could do her best, she could become her strongest, she was invincible.
She uses her Cheat without holding back anything…..




Even so, before the girls’ eyes, the number of beasts keeps rapidly rising up……


Isecai’s Notes:

I only read Sono Mono’s manga scanlation before, so if I made mistakes in the translation (name, sound, other details), feel free to point them out and I’ll fix them. ^^

This is a commissioned chapter. <3 Thank you, Tomas!

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