Goddess Assembly


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Having left the port town city Motampe, I’m tailing Freud like that.
Within my sight, I peer further than Freud’s eyes, and there……

“……The mountain of the Middle Continent.”
“That’s right. The Evil God is sealed on on a grotto near the crater of that mountain. The residents of this world, no matter if they are human, beastkin, or any other races, no one ever gets close or even realizes that place. However, on top of the Goddess of Darkness, if we were to be found out, they will be there too, I suppose……”

So this kind of place did exist.
Indeed, while I stayed for a long time in the mountain, I was just an ordinary man, so naturally I wouldn’t notice anything in that place.

While running, I looked behind. Port town Motampe had now been reduced to just a speck in my sight.

“……Are you worried?”

As if he noticed my actions, Freud asked that while still facing the direction we were going to.
I turned my head back and faced the same direction as him. I know he couldn’t see me, but I still shook my head in response.

“Nah, I believe in them…… It’s okay, I’m sure they’ll be able to stay alive. That’s why I have to fly straight to the Evil God and go back home to their place…… I don’t really want to turn them into widows all of a sudden anyway.”
“You haven’t gotten married in the first place, though?”
“It’s the feeling that matters!!!”

While bantering with Freud like that, we aimed towards the grotto in the mountain’s crater……
I could see a horde of beasts on their route towards the port town Motampe, so for the time being, I obliterated them. It’ll be good if this can help the girls even if just for a little……



So there I was, climbing the mountain while destroying all the beasts that I passed by. It was almost a side trip or a detour, so when we reached the vicinity of the mountain’s crater, I saw Freud pointed in the direction of the grotto.
We were extraordinarily fast, but when we went in that direction, it felt like we didn’t get any closer no matter how long we took.
For the time being, that means I have to put more effort, right!!
While trying to break into the center in this fashion, my pocket started to lit up.
This light was caused by the five light orbs that flew to the air on their own. They turned into human shapes, and there were four pillar goddesses, while in the center there was a little girl who looked similar to the Goddess of the Ocean.

“……We’ve finally reached this point, haven’t we?”

The Goddess of Light said that with humble look on her face.
The other Goddesses also put an earnest face, when I looked at them carefully.
That kind of expression was something that I had never seen before; it showed how grave our current situation was. Oh well, I just never knew anything other than their stupid behaviors, so it bewildered me.

“It’s been a while, everyone.”

Freud destroyed the mood by bowing elegantly towards the Goddesses like a butler.
That action made the Goddesses wryly smiled.

“……You’re disgusting.”
“Ufufu…… who might this person be?”
“It’s been a while, God of Creation.”
“I wish he’ll disappear from my sight……”
“……Z z z.”

Oooi!! Freud-san, so you get that kind of attitude from the Goddesses too!?!!
Did you only cause troubles when you were a Deity?
Or instead, Goddess of War, isn’t your heart completely frozen now? This time I could only gape when I heard the responses from the other Goddesses, but is it really okay to do nothing!!?!
That kind of attitude, you treat this Freud like he’s some kind of waste!! Spitting out with that kind of ptooey noise, looking down as if he’s a dubious man, that’s enough for me!!
Aah, but I don’t want to see Goddess of War making that kind of expression!!
Kuu~, this dilemma!!! After this matter is solved, I’ve got to beat Freud up at least once!!
And to the Goddesses other than the Goddess of War, I want to tell them to look back at their own behaviors towards Freud with that kind of attitude.

“Ah, you’re all as harsh as before~”

As if he’s gotten used to the Goddesses’ attitude, Freud showed no concern at all.
Meanwhile, the Goddesses turned their faces to look at me.

“Being in this place like this means you’re determined to battle the Evil God…… First, let us express our gratitude to you.”
“This should be the problem of us the Deities…… If possible, we don’t want to trouble you with it. We’re very sorry……”
“Your cooperation means a lot, we’re sincerely glad…… Thank you. We will lend our hands as much as possible too.”
“Really, though, thank you so much…… Leave the Goddess of Darkness to us!! We’ll whip her rotten character good through a nice beating!!”
“…… Z z z.”

Each one of them send their gratitude to me…… I wonder why?
The Goddess of War’s words are very sincere but, the receiving the other Goddesses’ words makes me feel wary about the trap behind them……

“……Yeah, well, I understand your feelings, but…… Who is the girl that Goddess of the Ocean carrying around? Or rather, she’s been sleeping for a while now, is she going to wake up at all?”

When I point out who the girl being carried by the Goddess of the Ocean is, they all stare at me without blinking.

From her sky-like light blue hair, her closed eyes that I don’t know which color they are, to her splendid features that look like a young doll, they all come together in her petite figure. When I look at her, I think she looks even younger than Haosui and Kagane.

“Have we told you her name yet? This girl is Goddess of the Sky.”

Having said that, the Goddess of the Ocean turns that girl’s face towards me.
Well, since she’s with the rest of the Goddesses, I’ve though that was the case, but……
It’s just like what Goddess of Darkness said, she seems to sleep a lot, huh?
Out of curiosity, I poked the chewy soft cheek of the Goddess of the Sky, but the real one only tousled a bit while breathing out a “…..fumyu” and went back to sleep.
Oh no!! What’s this, this is too cute for the world!?!?
U-uh, I wonder if I can do that again……

“Wazu-sama? It’s time to set off……”

Shut up, Freud!! Don’t you dare to disturb my mission!!



…….Phew, let’s calm down first…..
Or rather, I came to understand something about myself now.
It’s obvious with Meru, but it seems that I’m weak towards the cute and small things……
Kuh!! I’ve come so far only to have that kind of weak point……
If the Evil God is that kind of cute and small creature…… I wonder if I can do this……

“Wazu-sama…… The Evil God is a tall and old man, you know?”

This is why I told you, Freud, stop reading my thoughts!!!
But thanks for that info. With this I can defeat the Evil God without reserve!!

I exhaled soundly, and then, with Freud, we took the Goddesses to enter the grotto……


Isecai’s Notes:

If I make mistakes with the names, please let me know. 😀

This is a commissioned chapter. <3 Thank you, Tomas!

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